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We create with love

you are the best mom for your baby

We are here for you, we create for you and for your baby. All in order to make your newborn baby feel safe and above all to be safe. We strive for you to enjoy the beautiful, elegant and stylish things that surround you. To be with you during the greatest journeys of all – MOTHERHOOD. We will help you to take that journey peacefully, safely and in style!

As a mom you are the best provider for your baby. You sense the moods and needs of the newborn baby. You know what’s best for him or her and you know that the most important thing is the feeling of safety and comfort. Just as then when you had him or her under your heart. Your hugs, cuddles and the sound of your heart-beat is associated with the environment for 9 months.

The baby’s skin is extremely sensitive and demanding, which is why all our materials are delicate, soft and safe – they are Oeko-Tex Stadard 100 certified.When creating our collections, we use premium cotton and velvet, antiallergic fillings and extremely soft bamboo fabric to make our products natural and pleasant to the touch.

Thanks to this, once you get BELLOCHI products, you can be 100% sure about their quality and safety. They will ensure comfort for the child and parents and guardians, while they are elegant and beautiful. Certainly they will be perfect from the first days of life.

Products are hand made and hand sewn in Poland with the utmost care for every detail and huge commitment.

We create with passion. We create with care. We create with love.