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Winter stroller baby sleeping bag

Winter sleeping bags for a strollers are one of the most essential elements of a child's layette. Their function is of course similar to the sleeping bags for a cot, but what differentiates them is the appearance, above all the shape, thickness and filling. This is because they are to be used in completely different conditions. The winter children's sleeping bag is designed to protect the baby from the frostbite on cold days, provide them with comfort during walks. However, in order for it to fulfill its role well, it must be made of the best quality materials and have a functional design. These qualities are best provided by the products of the Bellochi brand.

Our store offers you a high-quality winter baby sleeping bag, available in several patterns and colors. Our sleeping bags are very comfortable and functional. The outer layer is made of waterproof polyester, which provides protection against rain or snow. The inside part is made of the highest quality soft furlike knitwear, called a fluffy lining, providing warmth and softness to the touch. The sleeping bag has a zipper, so it provides an easy access to the child. The great advantage of the sleeping bag is the pull-down hood that allows for adjustments on how tightly the baby should be wrapped up. The edges of the hood are decorated with beautiful artificial fur, which can be easily detached.

Our winter baby sleeping bag has adjustable cutouts for 3- and 5-point seat belts. Thanks to this, it is universal and fits every stroller on the market and is not limited to premium models like Maxi-Cosi, Cybex, Mutsy, Romer. You will easily use it with such models as Prime gondola, Corona Tako, Only Espiro, etc. Properly profiled belt cutouts allow for an easy and fast, and above all safe assembly. Always be mindful of the assembly as only through correct connection with the stroller you can provide one hundred percent safety of its use.

Our universal winter children's sleeping bag is a practical solution that allows you to provide your child with optimal comfort outside the home. In this sleeping bag the baby will be warm and cozy with a homely feeling. Using the product the baby will be able to enjoy winter walks and every moment breathing in the fresh air.
Discover our range of winter sleeping bags for your stroller and choose the perfect design for your baby.