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5 piece set magnolia

As a mom you are the best provider for your toddler. You sense the moods and needs. You know what's best for him and you know that the most important thing for him is the feeling of safety and comfort. Just as then when you had him or her under your heart. Your hugs, cuddles and the sound of your heart-beat is associated with the environment for 9 months. By choosing the baby cot sets by BELLOCHI, you can be sure that the products will be safe for the child, provide him or her with comfort, and at the same time will be beautiful. They will be perfect from the first days of life.


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Why is it worth having?

Our baby shower set is the best gift idea for a future mother on the occasion of a baby shower or the birth of a baby. They will provide mother with comfort and support while caring for the baby. It will also be a unique and stylish decoration for a child’s room. The whole set can be used for the baby from the first day of life up to the 8th month.

The most important element of our set is the baby nest, thanks to which your child will have a separate, friendly place to sleep, rest and play. The mattress attached to our set provides additional comfort in use. In case of dirt, it is much easier to wash the mattress itself than the entire baby pod. The butterfly-shaped, anti-shock pillow stabilizes, secures and adapts to the shape of the baby’s head. Our set is complemented by a blanket with a flat pillow.
Quality is our priority, all elements of the set were sewn by hand, with attention to every smallest detail.
We use only fabrics with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate, safe for the delicate baby’s skin. Each of our products has been designed in such a way that it can be washed entirely in the washing machine. Thanks to this, you do not have to worry when your baby spills or soaks his diaper.

How to use?

Our Bellochi baby nest 5 elements set is an absolute “MUST HAVE” for you and your child and is multifunctional.

  • a great ‘nest’ for your baby providing its own safe place
  • soft and warm – providing the baby with safety, comfort and healthy sleep
  • gives you peace of mind and provides wirh comfort when you want to sleep next to your baby – no more worrying
  • in a cot, it protects the toddler from hitting hard parts and the high edges of the cocoon will allow you to lay the baby on its side
  • as a changing mat, it will help to calm down the uneasy child, limiting the movements gently and preventing rolling
  • mobile – you can move it with you not only to the bathroom when you want to take a relaxing bath, but also for training, for example, when you want to work out
  • a convenient solution when you work at home and want to focus on your duties while keeping an eye on your baby
  • profiled, soft edges absorb the child’s sudden movements; prevent waking up in the event of so-called moro reflexes
  • babies can freely kick their legs – the baby nest does not restrict their movements – it is very important for the proper development of the hip joints

The BELLOCHI baby nest set will provide safe and healthy sleep of the baby in his or her own cot. It will protect against hard parts, and the high edges of the baby pod will help the child to lay on the side, which is especially important if the baby moves a lot. Also the baby nest in bed is the perfect solution for you if you want to sleep with a baby, but are afraid that you will accidentally hurt the baby.

Moreover it will be helpful when learning to lie on the tummy and lift the head, as well as during play and everyday activities.

Remember! A baby nest cannot be used as a baby carrier, so for safety reasons- it is not allowed to carry a baby in it. It should only be used under the supervision of an adult. Never leave you baby unattended.

Dimensions and formulation
  • two-sided baby cocoon with external dimensions of 60×90 cm, sleeping surface dimensions: 30 x 70 cm, side thickness 12 cm
  • two-sided “butterfly” pillow with dimensions of 25 x 30 cm
  • two-sided set: 25 x 30 cm cushion and 50 x 75 cm blanket
  • a double-sided mattress measuring 30 x 70 cm
  • composition: 100% cotton
  • Filled with smooth, light weighted and fluffy premium polyester fiber
  • machine wash at 30º (gentle program)
  • iron cotton fabric at temperatures up to 110º C 
  • use mild detergents
  • do not bleach
  • do not tumble dry


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