Baby sleeping bag white berry - Bellochi

Baby sleeping bag white berry

A convenient alternative to traditional blankets, bedding and covers.
Bellochi sleeping bag allows to keep natural temperature regulation and movement freedom. Thanks to the air-circulation, doesn’t cause overheating etc.
Even when the toddler move around the cot, still is covered. It guarantees a comfortable sleep.
Poppers at the shoulder and a zipper down the side allow for easily getting baby in & out of the sleeping bag. Also is allows to disguise child without disturbing while sleeping.

AGE: 0/6 - 6/12 months



EAN: 5907771368740 | SKU: SLE-SB-0-MIS-1
Why is it worth having?

• 100% handmade
• 100% premium, soft cotton
• Ergonomic, healthy for hips shape
• Excellent sleeping cover
• Keeps adequate air circulation
• Eliminate the need of frequent sleep control
• No irritating tags around the child’s neck
• Poppers at the shoulder – easy to unfasten & fasten
• No sleeves – good ventilation and freedom of movement
• A secure zip sewn in almost around the sleeping bags allows to disguise your child quickly and easily without disturbing sleep
• Additional snaps at the bottom allows you to adjust size of sleeping bag: 60cm/ 75 cm

How to use?

• Zipper allows to put on and take off the sleeping bag easily
• Long zipper allows to open wide bag – easy access to your baby
• Special shape allows the child to keep his legs free
• Perfect idea for naps
• Additional snaps at the bottom allows you to adjust size of sleeping bag: 60cm/ 75 cm

Dimensions and materials
  • Size: 38cm wide at top, 53cm wide at the botttom,
  • total lenght 60cm / 75cm – to adjust by yourself
  • composition: 100% cotton
  • Filled with smooth, light weighted and fluffy premium polyester fiber
How to take care of the product?

• machine wash at 30º C in the automatic washing machine,
• iron cotton fabric at temperatures up to 110º C,
• use mild detergents,
• do not use bleach,
• do not tumble dry.


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