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Bamboo blanket freshwind

The cozy and soft bamboo blanket is an irreplaceable swaddle for your baby. It is 100% bamboo, which actually is the purest fabric in the world. It has numerous exceptional properties such as anti-allergic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal. It is also deodorizing - meaning it absorbs and neutralizes odors, giving a general feeling of freshness and comfort. We sew our Bellochi bamboo blankets 100% by hand. Thanks to this, you can rest assure that they are made with attention to every detail and greatest care, offering a product of highest class and quality. Moreover, the blankets are soft, warm, yet light, breathable and completely safe for babies.


EAN: 5903714406005 | SKU: BAM-BB-3-FRE-1
Why is it worth having?
Bamboo blanket, an absolute “MUST HAVE” for spring, summer and winter:

  • It is friendly to the baby’s delicate, prone to irritations skin
  • Perfect for walks – the bamboo fibers have the ability to absorb UV rays
  • Extremely airy – prevents from sweating and overheating, and thanks to thermoregulatory abilities specific only to bamboo fabric, it will provide warmth in the cold temperature
  • Soothes, softly wraps and calms your baby
  • It is elegant and aesthetically pleasing – a real eye candy
  • Light and delicate (nicer to touch than pure cotton)
How to use?
You and your toddler can use it whenever and wherever the moment your baby comes to the world. You can use it in a cot or cradle, in a stroller for walks, in a car seat, while visiting friends. A bamboo blanket is also a stylish gift for your friends’ babies – it’s a great idea for a Baby Shower gift.

The BELLOCHI bamboo blankets can be combined with other products from our brand – baby nests, pillows, cones, … and even with beautiful designer beds – thanks to this, the space created for your baby will remain consistent and special.

Dimensions and formulation
  • External dimensions: :80×100 cm
  • Weight: . about 0.2 kg
  • Composition: 100% Bamboo
How to take care for the product?
  • machine wash at 30º C in an automatic washing machine
  • do not iron,
  • use mild detergents
  • do not use bleach
  • do not tumble dry


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