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Large bamboo blanket rosafor moms

Large Rosa bamboo blanket was created for moms and their children. The optimal size of this blanket will provide a pleasant hug and will allow to enjoy a moment of relaxation by wrapping herself in it in bed or in an armchair with a cup of hot tea. Also older kids will gladly wrap themselves in it in front of the TV or while reading a book. The blanket will also be perfect wrap for feeding, cuddling or putting the little ones to sleep.

Our bamboo blankets are characterized by simple design, elegant colors and high-quality natural fabrics. They are made of 100% bamboo yarn. They are characterized by good air circulation – breathable, what gives feeling of comfort.

#matchymatchy – family wrap

By choosing a bamboo blanket in small and large sizes, you will create an unique set with your baby of #matchymatchy.


EAN: 5904024520436 | SKU: BAM-BB-2-ROS-1
Why is it worth having?

Natural bamboo yarns have the following properties:





it gives the ability to absorb water, drain moisture, absorb and neutralize odors, giving a feeling of freshness and comfort.

Our products have OEKO-TEX certificates, meeting the standards of the European Union.


How to use?

Our bamboo blanket is irreplaceable in everyday situations:

You can use it during an afternoon nap, it will provide a nice wrap on long winter evenings and while reading a book with a cup of hot tea.

It is flexible and gives you a safe and comfortable swaddle. Perfectly fits the body.

Dimensions and formulation
  • Dimensions: 130 x 170 cm
  • Composition: 100% Bamboo
How to take care for the product?
  • machine wash at 30º C in an automatic washing machine
  • do not iron,
  • use mild detergents
  • do not use bleach
  • do not tumble dry


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