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Nursing Pillow cozy dreams

The Bellochi nursing pillow is a necessity when feeding your baby either by breast or bottle. Thanks to its ergonomic shape you can place your baby higher and support your arms against the pillow - your body will definitely appreciate that. The croissant or bean-like shape stabilizes the baby's position, keeping him still when you are feeding, firmly embracing your waist. From the first moments of feeding, it gives your baby a sense of closeness, softness and security. In fact, you can use it already during pregnancy if you have back pain - it will ensure comfort and support when sitting and lying down. In the later stages of development the pillow can serve as a cozy nest to help your little one keep the right position while learning to lift, roll, sit and stand. Moreover, it’s a nice decoration and a cuddly toy, but most importantly - it will make daddy's bottle feeding much easier! The nursing pillow is strongly recommended by midwives and pediatricians. It’s an indispensable element of your newborn’s journey – especially when you are learning how to get the baby latched on to the breast or properly support him. The pillow is 100% handmade using high quality fabrics, it is soft and pleasant to touch.


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Why is it worth having?
A feeding pillow is the most important element of your baby’s layette. It will make your life easier and ensure comfort and safety for your little one. The shape of the feeding pillow resembles a croissant or bean, thanks to which it stabilizes the baby’s position during feeding, firmly embracing your waist. It will reduce the tension of the neck, arms and hands muscles, relieve the back and allow you to effortlessly maintain an upright position. One side of the pillow is made of soft 100% cotton, the other one of elegant, delicate velvet. Inside, it is filled with an anti-allergic silicone ball, which gives the cushion adequate rigidity while providing pleasant warmth. In addition, the pillow has a removable cover – so you don’t need to wash the entire pillow.
How to use the Bellochi nursing pillow?

You can use the nursing pillow already during pregnancy if you have back pain. It will make you feel comfortable when sitting and lying down. It will be handy during breastfeeding and bottle feeding not only in the classic position. The pillow will serve you for a long time even in the later stages of your baby’s development. It will help your little one keep the right position while lying on his tummy and pulling up. Moreover, it can be a safe cozy nest when the baby is resting or support when it’s sitting. The pillow can be an original decoration or simply a cuddly toy.
The feeding pillow can be combined with other products from our brand – swaddle blankets, baby nests, bamboo blankets, even the beautiful designer beds, with which the rest of the set will certainly harmonize perfectly.

Dimensions and materials
  • External Dimensions:  60 x 40 x 15 cm (+/- 3 cm)
  • Weight approx. 0.5 kg
  • Height 15 cm
  • Composition: 100% velvet, 100% cotton
  • Filled with smooth, light weighted and fluffy premium polyester fiber
How to take care of the product?
  • Machine wash at 30º C in the automatic washing machine
  • Iron cotton fabric at temperatures up to 110º C
  • Use mild detergents,
  • Do not bleach,
  • Do not tumble dry.


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