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Mattress Koko Basic Coconut foam, thickness 8cm, 90x190cm, removable cover

Product code: MAT09019008, EAN: 5905616320120

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Type of mattress: foam -coconut mattress
The mattress is double -sided – both sides of the mattress are a utility area.

hardness degree: H2 /H3 – H3 /H4

Mattress construction:
The highest quality polyurethane foam with t25 hardness, thickness 7 cm,
excellent flexibility and strength, the mattress core is sufficiently hard and elastic to ensure proper support of the spine. During sleep, both on the side and on the back, its appropriate arrangement is provided, maintaining its natural, simple position. Mattresses with too soft foam can have an adverse effect on the position of the spine during sleep. In addition, the advantage of polyurethane foam is the high ability to pass air and steam, i.e. it prevents the accumulation of sweat, moisture.

The coconut layer plays a crucial role in the first months of a child’s life, as it is a gently firm layer that perfectly supports the infant’s body in the correct position. Additionally, coconut is a natural material known for its anti-allergic properties and prevents the development of bacteria, mold, and fungi. The silicone wool, a layer of protective non-woven fabric softening the coconut, facilitates the removal and reapplication of the cover, ensuring comfortable sleep. 


The thick, quilted, and pleasant to the touch mattress cover is sewn from three layers of knit fabric with a weight of 300g/m2. This material is characterized by high durability, even with frequent washing. Additionally, it is pleasant to the touch, allergy-friendly, and suitable for small children, as well as breathable. Thanks to its properties, it prevents the development of dust mites and microorganisms.

The mattress cover has a zipper sewn on three sides, making it easy to remove from the mattress and wash.

Washing instructions:

40 degrees, cover only (casing).

Zip up before washing.

Do not bleach, do not tumble dry, do not iron.

All components used in the mattress production are certified, confirming that they do not contain harmful substances and are intended for contact with the human body.

ADVANTAGES of Koko BASIC foam – coconut mattress:

  • The mattress offers two hardness zones H2 and H3; on one side, the mattress is soft, comfortable, and cozy, on the other side, it is firm with orthopedic properties.
  • Provides optimal body positioning on the mattress.
  • High durability – stiffening and strengthening.
  • Has anti-allergic properties.
  • Suitable for children, adults, and the elderly.
  • Does not deform over time.
  • Ensures healthy rest and good ventilation, allows the skin to breathe.
  • Supports the fight against bedsores (coconut side).
  • Supports the fight against orthopedic problems and posture defects.
  • The coconut mat absorbs sweat produced during sleep and inhibits the growth of microorganisms or dust mites.
  • Summer Winter Model – in summer, it is recommended to sleep on the coconut side due to its breathability and sweat neutralization, while in winter, it is recommended to sleep on the non-coconut side for its cozy character.