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Swaddle blanket 75×75 cm rainbow bear

Product code: SWA-SB-0-RAI-1, EAN: 5904024526070

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Baby swaddle blanket will provide your baby with comfort, a pleasant wrapping and security from the first day after birth.

Babies, especially newborns, love to be cuddled and carried.

The newborn baby swaddle wrap is indispensable in the hospital and at home or in the pram. 
It makes it easier for young, first-time parents and less experienced householders to hold or cuddle a newborn baby.

It also comes in handy during breast or bottle feeding.

Baby swaddle blanket will keep the baby warm, safe and comfortable.

Later on, it can be used as a duvet, blanket or changing mat. It can also be used as a mat for lying down or exercising on your tummy.

Bellochi baby swaddle wrap is made from two types of material that are friendly to your baby’s delicate skin.

We have combined pleasant-to-touch velvet with 100% breathable and soft cotton.

Our newborn baby swaddle blanket is filled with non-allergenic silicone fleece, which gives the appropriate blanket’s stiffness while giving a feeling of softness and comfort to the baby.

The baby swaddle wrap has no additional stiffening or coconut filling.

It has no sharp or hard parts. It has a sash, which allows you to adjust the degree of wrapping. It is tied with a bow and has an additional decorative function.

Newborn baby swaddle blanket was sewn by hand, in Poland, from materials of the highest quality.

It is baby essential  product. It is also perfect as a stylish gift for a baby shower.

… because newborns deserve special products…


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