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Choosing your stroller liners

All mothers know that a comfortable stroller is essential for keeping your baby settled and happy while travelling. If you want some advice about how to simplify your life, you cannot miss this section. We’re going to help.

Probably when one thinks of the baby stroller, it may seem a dirty place, basically because it is the place where the baby spends more time and where he/she usually eats and plays. Cleaning you stroller is not as simple and removing the structure and understanding how to put it back is even more complicated. That is why you should probably consider a stroller liner which can help make your stroller ride more enjoyable by providing your baby with extra comfort and also protect the stroller from spills and messes.

When choosing a stroller liner these are the factors you need to look out for:

1) Custom made or Universal Fit:

With so many choices out there, it may get confusing. Firstly, you may think whether you should get a custom-made liner or a universal one. Basically, what you want is a liner that is comfortable and well fitting. While both liners may serve this purpose, a custom made one will cost about twice as much. Moreover, some Universal Stroller Liners are cleverly designed to fit all prams and strollers, so ask yourself if it is worth paying that much more.

2) Comfort:

This is the key consideration for the liner and should not be overlooked. Afterall, the comfort of the baby is the most important factor. Make sure the Stroller Liner has adequate padding for comfort even when the road gets bumpy. Many liners are too thin or some may charge you extra for additional filling.

3) Cotton made:

A Cotton Liner will be more comfortable for your baby as cotton is breathable and can be used all year round. It will also feel soft on baby’s gentle skin, avoiding any kind of itchiness and allergies.

4) Easy to care for:

Besides keeping your baby comfortable, a liner will keep the stroller clean, by protecting it from messes and spills. The liner will, of course, eventually get dirty and messy so make sure you choose one that is fully machine washable.

5) Durable:

A stroller is always out and about and that means the liner will need to stand up to the wear and tear of everyday use. Choose a liner that is made from durable material with reinforced stitching at the joints.

6) Practical & Style:

Lastly, if you want to beautify your stroller and travel in style, consider liners with vibrant print or exclusive design which will brighten up an old stroller or make it stand out.

Are you wondering where to get the perfect stroller liner?

Bellochi offers avariety of stroller liners meeting all the criteria that your baby requires:

  • Universal fit with shock-absorbing cushion which makes bumpy rides less uncomfortable.
  • Easier to clean (100% washable) and very easy to put back, simplifying your life!
  • 100% cotton made which is breathable and avoids itching and allergies on the baby’s skin.
  • Soft and comfortable material.
  • Materials and fillings are OEKO-Tex Standard 100 certified.