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A breastfed baby spends a lot of time next to a mother’s breast, which is why it is extremely important to find a position where both baby and mother are comfortable. Below you can learn about 4 breastfeeding positions, recommended by specialists.
If you want to breastfeed effectively, first of all you need to take care of your comfort, relaxation and remember to be calm, because these elements largely decide whether you will have enough milk to feed your baby.
Comfort will be one of the key factors determining whether your ‘milky way’ will be successful or not. Find a feeding position that will comfortable for you, will not burden your spine and will allow you to position your baby correctly.

1. Classical position

•Recommended when:

baby gets hungry outside and the conditions for breastfeeding are not very favorable, but it will also work great every day.

• You will need:

Comfortable seating (armchair, sofa), a cushion for your back, a feeding pillow  or a feeding sleeve, a footrest.

• Arrangement:

Sit comfortably and lean back. If you can, put a pillow behind your back for extra support. Place a feeding pillow around your waist, put the baby on it with its belly facing your belly. The baby’s head should be in the bend of your elbow on the side of the breast where you attach it (right breast – right hand, left breast – left hand). Embrace baby’s back, support their bottom with your other hand.

Placing a feeding pillow under the child will help you maintain an upright posture, relieve your back and arms, as well as relieve the neck, which allows you to reduce tension in the cervical spine. At the beginning you will spend so much time, so your spine will certainly be grateful for this convenience. Thanks to the pillow, the toddler will be higher, it will help you control the position of its body, as well as belaying.

2. Cross position
• Recommended when:

our little one has problems with muscle tension, he/she is a premature baby. It will also be great at the beginning of learning how to breastfeed, because it makes it easier for your child to grasp the breast while he/she is not yet comfortable with it.

• You will need:

A comfortable place to sit, a feeding pillow or a feeding sleeve, a footrest.

• Arrangement:

This position is similar to the classic one, however this time you are holding the baby with the opposite hand to the breast from which you are feeding.

Use a feeding pillow. Thanks to it, the baby will be positioned higher, preferably almost at breast level. With your free hand, you can hold your breast to make sure your baby is well attached and sucks properly.

3. Position from under the armpit

• Recommended when:

You gave birth through caesarean section (the toddler does not touch your stomach in this position) when you have large breasts or feed twins, as well as when you are struggling with milk stagnation/overload and irritated nipples.

• You will need:

Comfortable seating, feeding pillow or feeding sleeve.

• Arrangement:

Place the baby on the feeding pillow along its side so that his/her legs are under your armpit and their face is in front of your breast. Put your child’s back over your forearm and support the head with your hand.

4. Lying position

• Recommended when:

You are sore after delivery or you have had a caesarean. You can use it during night feeding or during the day when you want to rest and even take a nap while feeding.

• You will need:

Comfortable place to lie down, feeding pillow a support pillow for your back.

• Arrangement:

Lie on your side, support your back with pillows for comfort. You can also put a pillow, a roller or a folded blanket between your knees. Place the child in front of you, hug them to your stomach. You can put them on a feeding pillow, especially when it is still tiny and you feed from the breast, which is positioned higher. Thanks to this, you won’t have to bend over to give him/her your breast and feeding will be more comfortable.Breastfeeding is a wonderful adventure and a great way to build a close bond with your baby. This is a moment of special closeness. From the first moments of your child’s life, your relationship develops during this intimate contact. Ideally, it is based on a sense of security. The child receives sensual signals, tender touch, warmth and love. Baby senses the mother’s peace and balance as well as her mindfulness and focus on his/her needs – needs that are understood and met with love.

The beginning of feeding can be difficult and stressful, and for successful feeding, mom’s peace and comfort are extremely important. It is worth using accessories that can help achieve this very important goal. Thanks to the feeding pillows, your spine will not be strained, you will have more freedom and it will be easier for you to control your baby’s position. Find the most comfortable position and strive for healthy feeds.

Good luck!